Sonny Inc.’s Southern Chicken, Shrimp & Fish Fry     Andre’ Hutchinson, CEO/Owner

Sonny Inc.’s Southern Chicken, Shrimp & Fish Fry

Andre’ Hutchinson, CEO/Owner

My passion for cooking started early on at the age of five when my father took me to his restaurant in uptown Manhattan, NY. Louis J. Hutchinson known as (Sonny), was a master chef and had such a great passion for cooking and seeing people enjoy the foods that he would prepare so passionately for them. I wanted so badly to do some of the things that I saw my father do that I asked him one day to let me cook. My father turned to me and said “okay, I'll let you cook.” He stood me on a stool in front of the stove and let me stir a pot of rice he was preparing for the day. At the same time he held me so that I would not get hurt. That was the beginning of what became my pastime passion.
Coming from a large family of 11 children with 8 boys and 3 girls (me being #10), there was always a lot of cooking going on, especially for the holidays! My dad did most of the cooking on a daily basis. My mom, Rinnah Hutchinson, worked full time so she would prepare weekend meals for the entire family with occasional help from my Godmother, her younger sister Delores Haynes. My three cousins were a permanent part of our household making the family 14 children deep! I joined the military at the age of 19 and had a 22 year career traveling the world and experiencing different cultures and cuisines along the way.  My fiancé and I would host parties and the people would go crazy over the food I would prepare. This gave me the idea to do a restaurant of my own when I retired from the US Army in 2002. I did just that and decided to sell it after six years. I decided to go back into the food business in 2014 after I was approached by AAFES to do a (Fish Food Truck) to provide services to the military basis in the DMV.
I now enjoy providing the same service throughout Washington DC, Virginia and North Carolina. With the help of family and friends, it is quickly growing into a successful business creating a taste of art.